Vacheron Constantin

When asked what makes Vacheron Constantin timepieces truly exceptional, Style and Heritage Director Christian Selmoni noted the following in this particular order: durability, long-lasting value, beautiful design, impeccable technicality, and fantastic finishings. Despite its length, this list is hardly overstated. With over 260 years in business, few watchmakers can hold a candle to the sheer staying power of Vacheron Constantin, which the brand matter-of-factly attributes to a “[culture] rooted in true knowledge; not the appearance of knowing.” In addition to the qualities listed above, their “watch-making art” carries with it a distinct spirit of exploration, travel, and discovery that is clearly reflected in their designs — something we suspect may especially resonate with the Louis Vuitton-lovers of the world. From the refreshingly revolutionary ultra-thin Split-Seconds Chronograph to timeless timepieces like the latest 1955 Corne de Vache revival, Vacheron Constantin watches continues to make history — and the top of our list of must-have luxury watches. Explore FASHIONPHILE’s collection of authentic men’s and women's preowned Vacheron Constantin watches.

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