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Meet the Eco-Innovator of the Year 2023 Who Created beez-fm, the Green Building Leader

Nicolas SAUTTER is the founder and CEO of beez-fm,

Nicolas SAUTTER is the founder and CEO of beez-fm, the green building leader that offers BMS as a Service. He is also the proud winner of the leadership award as “Eco-Innovator of the Year 2023” in Singapore. He shared with us his story, his vision, and his mission.

I have always been a passionate person in everything I do, who believes that hard work pays off. Since my youth age, I always wondered if we, the Y generation, we would be the first generation who cannot guarantee a better life to our children as our parents could for us. With a growing population, global warming, an earlier Earth Overshoot Day every year and less biodiversity. I understood that making our world more sustainable requires us to change the rules that are regulating our economy.

I joined SAUTER Controls, a Swiss company that works worldwide and provides BMS solutions to make buildings Smart and efficient. As product evangelist for the very first Cloud Smart Building solution in 2012, I interconnected two very different worlds, the software developers and the building users. After 160 successful projects, I knew we had to change something!

Even though we see more technology being released to make buildings smarter, the current BMS market is still dominated by a legacy mindset of selling products or solutions that are often mismatched with the actual needs of the building owners and users. There is a discrepancy between what the customer (buyer) needs and what the client (user) needs. The customer is mainly concerned with minimizing the upfront costs and meeting the contractual specifications, while the client is mainly concerned with maximizing the comfort and efficiency of the building. This leads to suboptimal building performance, high energy consumption, increased operational costs, and negative environmental impacts. Moreover, the existing BMS products and solutions are not designed to adapt to the changing needs and preferences of the building users, nor to integrate with the latest technologies and innovations that can enhance building efficiency and sustainability.

To solve this economic and environmental conundrum, I have created beez-fm that addresses the client and his needs directly. Together with three talented close friends from different backgrounds and sharing the same vision, we created a new model that includes sustainability and social equity together with economy.

beez-fm provides BaaS (Building Management System as a Service) a new and disruptive way of delivering building comfort, efficiency, and sustainability. beez-fm’s model is not focused on products or solutions, but rather on outcomes and benefits that are aligned with the real needs of the building owners and users. beez-fm leverages its own innovative building ecosystem that monitors, controls, and englobes the entire building to guide it to the most adequate solution to save energy in any type of building, new or existing ones. beez-fm also creates a transparent and collaborative platform that enables data sharing, value creation, and stakeholder engagement among all the building participants, including the building users. beez-fm is only paid on the results, with a share of the energy savings achieved, thus creating a win-win situation for all parties involved. beez-fm’s mission is to disrupt the Building Management System industry by providing, without upfront costs, what customers really need, lowering energy costs, cutting CO2 emissions, boosting comfort and well-being.

beez-fm’s business model is a game-changer and first of its kind.

Not only are we uberizing the BMS industry, leaving behind the outdated competitors. But as well, our growth is driven by reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption, creating a new standard of business model that is needed in every sector to protect life on our planet.

We are proving that we can shift our economy and achieve success, as our model has been recognized, awarded and has shown amazing results on real projects.

beez-fm is the future of the building industry, and the future is now.

beez-fm: Building an Eco-friendly Earth with Zeal!

beez-fm has achieved a lot, but it has also faced a lot of challenges and obstacles. beez-fm is a disruptive and innovative solution that challenges the status quo and the established players in the building industry. beez-fm is also a social and environmental solution that challenges the current economic and political system that is based on infinite growth and consumption. beez-fm is also a visionary and ambitious solution that challenges the conventional wisdom and the pessimistic mindset that is prevalent in our society.

beez-fm needs your support to uberize the building industry where social and economic growth support environmental protection: time to grow and scale our solution to reach more buildings and more people, to continuously improve our solution and save even more energy.

That’s why we are launching dedicated crowdfunding campaigns. Join me and beez-fm in our quest to change the world, one building at a time. If you share the same vision and you know that we must do something to change the world we live in, for our and the future generation, but you never knew how, now is your chance, you can invest in beez-fm, not just with funds, but also with your time, your skills, your ideas, and your passion. Become a part of beez-fm, you will be rewarded with the option you prefer with crowdfunding for:

  • Equity
  • Loan interest
  • And/or Recognition.

We are not seeking the help and investment from the big ones that manage our economy. We are counting on the support of the crowd that want to change the world in which we live and want to change the economy to a new and different model that includes sustainability and social equity. We are counting on you.

If you are interested in supporting beez-fm, please visit our website, where you will find all information about our crowdfunding campaigns, our solution, our team, our goals, and your rewards. You can also contact me directly, if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback. I would love to hear from you and to connect with you.

Come and join us with beez-fm we are Building a Better World Together.

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