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How to Sell a House for Quick Cash in Savannah Georgia

Sell a House

The prices for homes in Georgia are rising with a “year-over-year” increase of roughly 3 percent according to details from the GAR- Georgia Association of Realtors.

Unfortunately, sellers will have homes sitting for longer periods on the market. The time it takes to settle a contract has extended by as much as roughly 50 percent.

Home sales in the state are beginning to slow based on GAR data with pending sales down “year-over-year roughly 14 percent.” The days for a single-family home to hold on the market rose from “roughly 25 days to 40 days.”

Being unable to sell a house quickly could be due to the price point. Those above $300,000 are holding extended periods on the market. Those priced from roughly “120,000 to 199,000” sit for approximately a month.

If you’re a seller with an urgency to move your home, there are options to help make the sale quicker. Let’s review.

How Can Sellers Make Their Properties Sell Faster

How Can Sellers Make Their Properties Sell Faster

When selling your house has become an urgent need, it needs to go sooner rather than later; you have some options to help put the sale on the fast track. Most houses holding on the market are following traditional sales techniques with standard price points that see gradual activity.

These timeframes are too slow when you have a job transfer or immediate family need. Single-family homes priced in the $300,000 range can sit on the market for an extended period.

Moving these houses faster is possible with varied selling processes. Find pros and cons for selling your house for cash at Then follow along for options to sell fast.

Cash sales:  

Plenty of Georgia-based businesses buy homes for cash, whether they are national or small businesses. They move at a rapid pace with many same-day sales with settlements in mere weeks.

It can be the ideal choice for sellers whose houses need work or those in a hurry to sell. These buyers purchase houses as-is. The downside is the company looks to make a profit on the property, meaning they will offer a lower price point than the full market value.


iBuyer businesses move at roughly the same pace as a cash sale and will pay in cash as well, with companies also based in Georgia. Again, they won’t offer full price and avoid houses that need a lot of work. Go here to learn about companies that buy houses.

As-is condition

When a seller offers their house for sale as-is, the message to the Georgia buyer is there will be no negotiations on repairs. This allows a faster settlement since only those genuinely interested in the property and willing to handle any work it needs will make the purchase.

Appealing curb-side view

An excellent first impression is always a good way to make a buyer offer a contract sooner rather than later. A couple of simple tasks like painting the entryway door and adding some flowerpots or washing the windows can draw people to the property and entice them to make an offer.

Price to move

A median price point for a Georgia home was under “419,000 this past August” (credit to Redfin). For those hoping to draw attention to their property and sell at a faster pace, the ideal method is to price below the competition.

This will get you a fast contract instead of allowing the house to hold on the market at a cost that is too high. Partnering with a real estate professional in Georgia will ensure you know the market value of your property and where the best price can be set.


There’s no time to go back and forth with buyers when you have a time crunch. It’s important to be willing to be flexible with seller concession if you intend to close fast.

For sellers who want to follow the traditional selling methods, some questions should be considered before putting the home on the market.

Is the House Worth Updating Before Listing

Many remodels can be extensive and take an extended period to finish up. The investments often don’t give a lot of returns with immediate sales. Instead of taking on major projects, it’s more reasonable to consider manageable methods for increasing property value.

You can paint, improve the landscape, or add energy-efficient appliances. When the goal is to sell fast, lengthy renovations are a complicated undertaking that will take too much time.

What Repairs Should You Make Before Listing

A real estate professional will help you decide which items are worth repairing before listing the property. Not all items should be fixed but if something particularly stands out, it’s worth the effort and cost. It can also be worth the price for a pre-listing inspection.

These will give you details on the major issues to allow informed decisions about what to fix or whether to leave the problems to the buyer.

Should You Pay for Home Staging

If you had to go ahead and move, leaving the home empty or having an overly cluttered place, you could benefit from professional staging. It allows buyers to view the property as a comfortable, well-put-together property. Helping prospective buyers envision living in the house can lead to a faster sale.

How Should You Price the House When Listing

How Should You Price the House When Listing

Prices in George are continuing to rise but despite this, it’s suggested to partner with a real estate professional to discern the best price point. The professional will work with you to check market comps for recently sold homes near yours. This means close in features, size, and within your community.

Final Thought

When you need to sell your house fast in Savannah, GA – have to move it sooner rather than later or need the cash quick consider a house-buying company or an iBuyer to see the highest offer. Remember, they need to make a profit so that it will be lower than market value.

If you want to go with the traditional methods, partner with a real estate professional, specializing in your Georgia location. When they understand that time is crucial, they will give your ideas on closing faster than what might be standard.

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