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Opera’s Aria Introduces AI Summarization Tool for Android Users

  • Opera’s Aria now offers Android users a web page summarization tool, accessible via the browser, condensing articles into one-screen summaries.
  • Users can tap the Aria icon in Opera’s Android browser to summarize text-based web pages and initiate chat conversations for further assistance.

Aria, Opera’s in-browser AI product, now provides Android users with an AI-powered web page summarization tool capable of quickly condensing news articles, blog posts, and research papers into short summaries that typically fit on one screen.

On Monday, Opera introduced a new feature to help its Android browser users comprehend a topic quickly by providing essential details. To use it, visit any text-based web page and tap three dots near the Aria icon for “Summarize.” Once selected, Aria will provide your requested summary before initiating a chat conversation with Aria to provide it as needed.

To take advantage of this feature, download and update Opera for Android to its current version, log into an existing account, or create one with Opera.

Aria debuted last year and acts just like any other AI search assistant: it provides answers quickly without searching the web directly for answers. The chatbot-esque interface answers queries rapidly instead of simply searching it yourself online for solutions.

Since its initial debut, Opera has steadily developed Aria and expanded its functionality through its AI Feature Drops Program, which gives early access to additional AI features. Opera has recently updated Aria with Imagen 2 by Google support and reads out loud answers in text for easy reference.

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